I’m going to complete my 2012 New Year’s resolution!

I have much to expand on, but the short of it is, I really, really think I’m going to complete all 52 hikes for the year. Just this weekend alone I was able to bag 5 (that’s right, five) hikes! Four of which were serious lung and calf busters. So that brings me up to 40 hikes down (if you’ve been over to 52treks you’ll notice it hasn’t been updated yet, but it will be within the next day or so!). Which means I have 35 days to complete 13 hikes. It’s ambitious, but possible. And with how determined I am, completely do-able!

So you’ll notice there is no happy dance. After weighing in for the first time in nearly 5 weeks, I have gained 2.8 lbs. However, I will take it with mild relief and move on. Considering I weighed in just after Thanksgiving and spent the previous month trying not to feed my break-up feelings with cheetos and chocolate all the way back to my starting weight, I think a 2.8 lb gain is completely manageable. Not to mention, I’ve done five killer hikes since my weigh-in. Those 2.8 lbs are dust by now.

More in-depth posts to come. Just wanted to keep y’all in the loop!

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And we’re back.

I went to the WW meeting tonight and it was pretty much just what I needed. Every time I take the time to go to a meeting, I feel in control. I almost forgot how crucial the support of meetings are to my success. I walked in and Sylvia greeted me right away and I asked her if I could just sit in on the meeting and come back on Saturday to weigh-in, to which she replied absolutely. In the meeting we talked about planning for Thanksgiving. While I’m spending it with a friend and her family, I still plan on being in control of my eating. Ideally I would like to hike that morning to get in some exercise while knocking off another hike for the year. It’s supposed to rain pretty heavily all week here, but I’m trying to be the kind of person that isn’t thwarted by the rain. So far, not so good. But I’m working on it. After all, I had read somewhere, “There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad gear.” And I have some pretty killer rain-proof hiking gear. Time to step it up.

So I have my kitchen table now! It’s a bar table and goes perfectly with my tall seats and the small dining space. Now I can eat meals like a civil lady!

Fine Dining.

I’m pretty excited about it. This also means now when I have a friend over for dinner we aren’t awkwardly confined to eating around my living room coffee table. I feel so adult.

So tomorrow I will begin diligently tracking my points again, which I’m excited about. I like feeling in control. Because how I’ve been going about things lately isn’t working for me. I feel out of it and lost. But now I’m moving forward and getting on track again. I’m excited to be taking care of myself.

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Slowly getting back to it

As it turns out, break-ups are hard. At least, this one in particular. It has taken me a while to get back to my groove.

I haven’t gone to a meeting in a while now. I want to say 4 weeks. It feels awful. I don’t feel like myself when I’ve gone so long without it. What’s worse is I’ve fallen so far off plan I’m scared to face the scale. But I’ll be damned if I turn 4 weeks into 4 months, and then forever. Since Saturday is my meeting day, I’ve decided to go to Sylvia’s evening meeting tomorrow, just to sit in on a meeting, which is something I really, really need. Then I’ll come back on Saturday and weigh-in. It’s a promise I’ve made to myself.

In the meantime, I have been out hiking, though not as much as I’d like to ensure making my hiking goal by Dec. 31st. For some reason I scheduled a lot of late fall hikes near Mt. Hood, of which those trails are either completely snow-covered or closed by now. I need to revamp my hiking schedule. In the meantime, here are some photos from my most recent hike just 3 days ago at Wauna Viewpoint. It was a 4 mile, 1,000 foot straight ascent to the summit to a beautiful 280 degree view:

Columbia River Gorge from the summit

Panoramic Shots

Self-timed photo from the summit 🙂

I’ve also been on a bit of an organizing and decorating kick lately. The days are shorter and rainier here in Portland now, so to help stave off some serious Seasonal Affective Disorder I’ve been keeping rather busy inside my apartment when I’m home. I used an idea I found off of Pinterest for a christmas light headboard. I really like how it turned out:

I also just ordered a kitchen table which will be arriving tomorrow. I’m genuinely excited about this. It means no more needing to eat my meals in the living room on my coffee table. I feel so civil and adult 🙂

I was just in a play that had it’s final performance last night. It was great fun. It was also the best thing for me to be a part of during dealing with my break-up. A great group of 5 other wonderful women I am so happy to now know. I just received my script for the next play I’m going to be in that goes up in January, so, on to the next wonderful creative endeavor 🙂

I am, absolutely, positively going to that WW meeting tomorrow. Time to begin the healing process for my physical self. The mental and emotional healing will just take more time.

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After brief hibernation, a return.

You guys, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been over a month. And what a month it has been.

In truth, I’ve been dealing with a very painful break-up. Well, painful for me, it seems he’s doing just fine. But due to this, I’ve been away from blogging, and only half-heartedly putting the time and energy into myself. But the time for wallowing is over. I’m back and ready to thrive. There are some really great things happening in my life right now. And to get this blog back into a positive spin, here are some things I’m accomplishing:

1) Performing in a show that opens tomorrow. I’m very proud of this one, and very excited. It’s a beautiful show and I’ve been inspired nearly every rehearsal.
2) Nearing the end of my year of hiking. Not that I’m going to stop hiking (far from it!) but this year has been a true journey and growing experience with every trail I’ve trekked. I still have 19 more to go, but I’m confident that if I step it up these last 7 weeks, I will meet my goal.
3) Stepping up my weight loss from half-hearted trying to full-fledged committing. I focused on my ex and his own well-being for so long, I sort of lost myself somewhere in there. I think that’s why my last several weigh-ins I only managed to eke out losses that were fractions of a pound. But now I have no one to take care of but myself, and I’m going to take the best care of myself.
4) Looking forward to my next show, which will open in January. It seems I’ve really broken into the theatre scene here and there’s nothing stopping me 🙂

In truth I have felt a little lost this past month. I missed my last two weigh-ins, which completely discombobulated me. I don’t know why I didn’t go, I had no good reasons besides feeling to low to face the scale, the group, and Sylvia. Meetings are always such a positive experience for me, and I couldn’t summon an ounce of pretend positivity to make it there. But baby, I’m back now. This Saturday will be my triumphant return to the scale, come whatever number that may. Regardless of the results, just going back will be my springboard back to wellness. I look forward to getting back to me.

You guys, it feels really good to be back. I’m not feeling 100% myself just yet, but I’m ready to get there. I’m ready to continue kicking ass and taking names. I’m ready to take care of myself and feel my best. I’m ready for all the learning and growth and discovery the journey of my being single and relying only on myself has to offer. This has potential to be an exciting time.

Here are some “me hiking” photos from some recent treks:

Larch Mountain Crater

Trillium Lake

South Fork Mountain

Back to regular updates now. Prize I have my eye on at the moment? Reaching my 10% at WW. It’s been so close within my grasp. With renewed focus, it’s sure to be mine soon enough.

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Week #10 Weigh-In

Down .6 lbs, y’all!

Shake that smaller booty!

I know .6 lbs isn’t much, but it’s a loss. Plus it’s my lady time, so I’ll gladly take anything that isn’t a gain. Also, may I add, the 10th week in a row I’ve lost weight. This is pretty much the best and most consistent go at weight loss I think I’ve ever had in my entire life. Plus I’m more encouraged by steady .6 – 2.4 lb. weekly weight losses than my previous tries of ‘lose a lot of weight one week, gain some another week, skip a meeting and gain a little more.’ So now I am down 22.2 lbs overall. In 10 weeks you guys. I feel super good. I’m almost at my 10%, a mere 1.8 lbs away! I’m gunning to achieve it by next Monday night’s meeting. I know I can do it. I so want to hit that milestone and get the cute little bronze 10% keyring 🙂

I have a lot more to share but should have been in bed many hours ago. I am happy to report that 52treks is finally updated and current. I’ve also decided that I am, without a doubt, going to meet my resolution and finish 52 hikes this year. To do that though, I have to draft out a schedule, figure out which hikes to take and when, and then put them in my planner just like I do my work schedule. I’m going to take all of my trail books with me to my favorite coffee shop tomorrow after work and figure it all out. I’ve also decided that once I have my final trekking schedule, I’m going to send it out to friends of mine that have hiked/wanted to hike with me and let them choose any hikes that interest them. I think having some friends along would be fantastic for the last leg of my year of hiking.

Also, big, big news. But I will announce it tomorrow. I promise you though, it’s very exciting, so stay tuned!

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Week #9 Weigh-In and other updates

First and obviously most importantly, my Week #9 weigh-in results: -1.2 lbs!

Yeah Girl!

For those keeping track and playing at home, I’ve now lost 21.6 lbs in the past 9 weeks. I’ve also lost weight every single one of those 9 weeks. I’m amazed, you guys.

So a lot has happened in the many days since I last posted. Since I don’t want to overwhelm this post (or myself) by posting a bajillion details, here are some bullet-style weight-loss related highlights:

  • Switched my Saturday morning WW meeting to Monday nights for the next 3 months due to new (temporary) Saturday morning conflicts.
  • Only got out on one hike last week.
  • Purchased a blender and have been making delicious zero point fruit smoothies (my new inanimate bestie).
  • Lost Fiona for two days, was in total despair, found her and was supremely elated.
  • Was sort of a hot mess with my points but made nearly all my daily activity goals.

That was pretty much all of last week in a nutshell. In non-weight-loss-y stuff, my schedule has been a hotbed of activity: nonstop working and being a million places all the time. I’d been feeling really out of it since working two jobs again — as in out of the “Yay weight loss and happiness!” feelings of the first 5-6 weeks, and more of the “Ugh, weight loss and apathy” sense. But then something magical happened: I got it back. Excitement for being healthy all over again, yay! I’ll ride this pony as far as she’ll trot for now.

So just to expand on some of the highlights, my blender is pretty much the best thing ever. I’ve wanted one for a while but never owned one and didn’t know what I’d do if I had one, but after perusing some tasty, healthy smoothie recipes on Pinterest, I decided to go for it. I went for an inexpensive Hamilton Beach 10 speed from Bed, Bath and Beyond, which was rated higher in satisfaction than any of the other much more expensive ones. Plus all the reviews rave about its smoothie skills, so, I was sold. After my purchase I went out and bought nearly every kind of frozen fruit in the freezer section of my grocery store. My favorite so far is a strawberry banana smoothie made with diet 7-Up:

So tasty it’s ridiculous!

I think tomorrow morning I’ll experiment with a mango-pineapple smoothie. The possibilities are endless, really.

Last Saturday night I lost Fiona and was super distressed about it. I had been wearing her every single day for two months and suddenly felt so naked without her. Except I didn’t notice she was gone until I was getting undressed for bed, which means I could have lost her at any one of 4 locations, all of which were daunting to think about. I searched my apartment and my place of work, and no luck. I was resigned to having lost her, and it would be a while until I could afford to replace her. I also discovered how much I relied on her for motivation to meet all my activity goals, and without her I wasn’t as interested. But then lo! I found her on the floor in the backseat of my car as I was putting on my hiking boots right before a hike. Immense joyousness! I have no idea how she got there, but it didn’t matter. We were reunited and all was harmonious again.

In other news, something really exciting happened today. I’ve been waiting on baited breath to be able to start seeing the physical progress of my weight loss. While it’s still a little hard for me to tell, I found the results in a jacket. I bought a rain jacket for hiking/general rainy-ness a few weeks before I started my weight loss journey. Guys, this jacket looked a hot mess on me. But it was the largest size in the store and through some finagling I could zip it up all the way, so I bought it. I wore it once (still before I started losing) and I felt like a sausage in its casing. Plus if I didn’t keep tugging it down, it would keep riding up over my stomach, which was so sexy enough for me to hang it in my closet indefinitely. So tonight I decided to go for an evening walk and enjoy the fall weather, which meant I’d need a jacket. The jacket. I tried it on, and, Holy Crap, it zipped up with ease! I could breathe in it! I could move around and it wouldn’t roll up! It fit exactly like it should. In my excitement, I took some photos:

My newly fitting jacket and I went on a very lovely 2+ mile walk to and from Whole Foods where I purchased some mushrooms and a clove of garlic that I decided to make tomorrow for a dinner side. Double win for the walk. Also, looking at those photos, I do see it. I see those pounds that are gone. I didn’t look so hourglass-y 21.6 lbs ago. You guys this is really exciting for me 🙂

I’m going to try something new and plan all of my meals for tomorrow before I go to sleep tonight. I think that way I’ll make better choices if I plan ahead. Plus, if it’s already written down, I won’t feel as inclined to stray from it with mindless grazing. I’m also setting aside some time to catch up on the now four hikes I’m behind on blogging about over on 52treks. I have a good chunk of my afternoon free, so I’m taking my laptop to a cafe, sitting with a hot mug of something, and updating that thing before I go on another hike. It will be done.

Alright, I think that’s a decent recap for the week. I have a lot to look forward to the rest of this week, like some definite hikes and running the Color Run on Saturday, which I’m super stoked about. Not to mention, this weather, which puts me in an overall good mood. Hope autumn is beautiful wherever you are.

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Week #8 Weigh-In

Another week, another miracle: I lost .8 lbs 🙂

This means I’ve hit 20 lbs lost! 20.4 to be exact. Holy crap, that does feel nice.

But now I’m looking ahead to week #9, and baby does it look good. Three hikes on the horizon, and points tracking in check. I’m about to head out to Powell’s before work to pick up a couple of new hiking books, since I’ve pretty much entirely picked through and hiked most of the gorge hikes I’ve wanted to in my Columbia River Gorge trail book. I want to get a trail book for the coast and maybe one for the Cascades. Planning a definite coastal hike for tomorrow.

So yesterday I received a complete anti-compliment. I didn’t let it bother me as much as it would if I weren’t in the midst of losing weight, but it definitely didn’t help me to feel good. So I work at a theatre, and all of the ushers are volunteer. All the same ushers pretty much cycle in and out for each of the plays every year, so I’m familiar with many of them. One of them came up to me and asked, “So can I ask you when your baby is due?” This terrible flush coursed through my body. When I looked at her, I remembered she asked me the same exact question last spring. I was more pissed off than hurt. I said, “I’m not pregnant, and you asked me the same question last year.” She said, “Oh, that’s terrible of me. I’m sorry. I was just trying to be polite.” Trying to be polite?!?!?!??? Who the hell goes up to someone they don’t know, and don’t know for a fact is expecting a child, and asks them when their baby is due?! Ugh. Rude, rude, rude. Just no manners whatsoever. I told my friend Marissa who was house managing and she said, “OMG, what? Well she’s crazy and senile. And some people just don’t have any class.” I’m trying to laugh about it. Or else I’ll cry about it.

Time to take my 20 less pound self trailbook shopping 🙂

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