First 4 Days Down.

The most daunting part is behind me: the first four days of truly watching what I eat, after two years of recklessly eating any and everything I wanted. BAM.

After a few nights of a grumbling tummy, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been diligent about tracking my WW points, which is key, definitely. My tracker and my points calculator are never far from me. I have a sturdy Moleskine notebook (the best notebooks, in my opinion) and a points calculator with a lovely skin on it. I’m a sucker for pretty things.

My new besties.

My last successful go-around with WW, tracking really was a crucial element to my weight loss. It’s so easy for me to turn a blind eye to portion sizes, or to slip in a snack and not account for it if I’m not diligent about my tracking. And then I end up wondering why the scale isn’t budging. This is the tool that keeps me completely accountable.

That said, I’m still adjusting to the new PointsPlus program. I’m used to the Points system, but now WW uses more criteria to calculate points. Whereas before you just calculated calories, fat, and fiber, now you calculate fat, fiber, carbs, and protein. I used to be really good at eyeballing product labels and figuring out the points, but with the new criteria I haven’t a clue when guessing. Most food has a higher points value than it used to, but the good news is, I also have a higher daily points allowance. Basically, my calculator is staying with me wherever I go.

So I’m more than halfway through the week. And I’m doing alright 🙂 I still have almost all my entire extra weekly splurge points (we get 49 now instead of 35, holler), which is great. I used to eat all of those suckers on my first day of the week, after my weigh-in. I have plenty for a gin & tonic (or two) should I decide to meet up with a friend for happy hour. A big worry I had before I committed to (re)joining WW was, “Well, there goes my social life” but it’s totally not the case. It just takes a little planning.

Speaking of worries, I’m also trying to get better at not psyching myself out about anything that may or may not arise in the future, near or far. I’m just taking it one day at a time. Or even when that seems too much, I take it just a meal at a time. Or a breath at a time.

This is starting off well. Excellent. 🙂

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One Response to First 4 Days Down.

  1. Shannon says:

    Baby steps! You’ve got this!

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