Thoughtful Loved Ones

When I walked through my door this afternoon after work, I greeted my boyfriend Andrew who was reading on the living room couch. I asked if he went anywhere while I was gone, and he told me he’d picked up a few things at the store. Curiously I asked him ‘like what?’ and he smiled and told me to open the fridge. Here’s what I found:


That would be homemade potato leek soup, perfectly portioned with every ingredient listed and their amounts used. Before WW, whenever Andrew cooked for me (and he’s a fantastic cook), it would be big, heaping. hearty portions with all measuring cups and spoons still neatly unused in the drawer. The fact that he went through the trouble to make me something healthy to eat for when I walked in the door that I could easily calculate points with made me swoon. And the surprise didn’t end there! He also picked up a tub of fat-free cool-whip (0 points for 2 tbsp.!) so I’d have something sweet yet points friendly to dip the strawberries I had bought at the farmer’s market into. Be still my heart.

Tonight we went out on a date to see The Hunger Games at the theatre pub. My Fitbit (still need a name for it!) told me I still had one more mile to walk to meet my activity goal for the day, so we decided to walk to and from the cinema (about two miles round-trip). It was a nice night, and we had some good conversations and laughs on the walk. I was also proud of myself for packing my own healthy snack to munch on during the movie, instead of getting a bag of buttery popcorn (ooohhhh but that popcorn is soooooo good). Thankfully, Andrew didn’t torture me by getting a bag for himself. He totally could have, but chose not to. What a freaking swell guy.

I realized these past couple of days that this is exactly the kind of support I need from my significant other. He’s taking this just as seriously as I am and would never even think to try to sabotage my efforts. He walked all the way to the store while I was gone just to buy healthy items to make a meal for me and went through the annoying task of writing every single thing down. Not to mention he’s been very willing to go on walks with me when I want to make sure I get all my 10,000 steps in, and each walk has led to wonderful conversations, much nicer than if we just sat on the couch watching True Blood (not that we’ll stop sitting on the couch watching True Blood).

So even though he doesn’t even know about this blog yet, I want to propose a toast to my thoughtful boyfriend Andrew:

To the man that is making it his mission to ensure my success. I love you. Cheers.

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One Response to Thoughtful Loved Ones

  1. Shannon says:

    Cheers to Andrew! How wonderfully thoughtfull 🙂

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