Conquering a Mountain

If there’s one thing that will essentially define my second week, it will have been hiking Cape Horn. And surviving.

I won’t go too deeply into the details of the hike, since I already did that on my hiking blog. What I will say about it is this: that hike was maybe the most intense thing I’ve ever done. The intensity for me, however, lies not in the overall elevation I climbed (though to date it’s the highest), but the final two mile descent through the narrowest, rockiest slopes I have ever tried to traverse. This section proved incredibly mentally taxing as I navigated my way down with the most precise and intense focus of my life. Here’s a taste of what I got myself into (that’s Andrew in the 3rd photo):

This went on for 2 miles. Just when we thought we had finished one set of these loose, rocky switchbacks, there was another one. Then another one. It was almost an endless stream of this. But dammit, I did it without a fall, scratch, break, or death.

I was also treated to the most amazing views I have ever seen:

Overall, this hike, according to my Fitbit (which I have finally named: Fiona!) was 10.61 miles in length. I climbed 1,640 feet, or 164 flights of stairs. Let me repeat: 164. Flights. of Stairs. That is 17 stories taller than the Empire State Building. And it actually wasn’t bad. I swear. I never thought I’d say that about hiking such an ascent, but it really wasn’t bad. It was the last, treacherous part of the hike that really made it difficult.

Here are the obligatory “me on my hike” photos:

Overall, I have to say I’m extremely proud of myself. This trail was difficult, long, and intense, and I did it. I’m nowhere near my goal weight but I kicked this trail’s ass. If nothing else amazing happens this week, this alone makes for a stellar week.

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One Response to Conquering a Mountain

  1. Shannon says:

    Awesome job my love! You’re one tough chick!

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