The Lady Time Blahs

As we speak it is my lady time, and today I’m really feeling it. Mainly, in how it’s affecting my desire to be active. I started out the day with a bang (as it was my morning off): Woke up early, drove out to the DMV, took the Oregon Driver Knowledge Test (passed with flying colors), got myself a brand spanking new Oregon license (RIP happy colorful bright pink CT license), and came back home with the rest of the morning and afternoon at my fingertips.

I live right across from a sports field with an immaculate track that I have yet to run on. As I pulled into my building lot, I thought, “Today is the day I run!” The sun was out but it wasn’t warm yet, it was perfect. I went up to my apartment and… vegged out. I did nothing. I promptly plopped down in my bedroom, drew my curtains closed, and watched episodes of Louis C.K. Then I made a meal. Then I took a 2 hour nap. Then I woke up and went to work at the theatre. Today has, by far, been the least active day I’ve had since I joined WW. According to Fiona, I still have nearly 2/3 of my daily activity left to do, and it’s already nearly 8:30pm (and I’m still at work).

Maybe one lazy day in 12 is okay. Considering all I want to do is veg, sleep, stay in my pj’s and eat copious amounts of peanut M&M’s, I’m doing better than my usual habits preceeding these newer ones. I’m still within my WW points allowance, and I’ve barely consumed 1/5 of my weekly splurge points, and weigh-in is in two days.

I just can’t let this one week out of every month defeat me. I can allow for a lazy day though, right? I’m not much use all bloaty and fatigue-y. Plus I did literally three days worth of activity on Tuesday. So, I refuse to be hard on myself. All things considered, I’m still doing alright. As long as peanut M&M’s stay out of my presence, I’ll do just fine.

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One Response to The Lady Time Blahs

  1. Shannon says:

    Rest days are important for your overall fitness. When your muscle is repairing itself (when you’re chillaxin’) is when it becomes strong, not during the actual workout. Enjoy your days off, and then kick booty on the “on” days! Boom!

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