Totally Bomb Trail Mix

One thing I always wish I had on trails with me when I hike, especially on the long and cardio-intensive hikes, is some totally bangin’ trail mix. My usual hike snacks consist of bananas, almonds, and either a LARA bar or Kind bar. What usually happens is, I munch on a banana pre-hike when I arrive at the trailhead, then halfway through my trek eat the food bar, then later try to go for the almonds but usually can’t finish more than half the little portioned out baggie.

My appetite is an interesting beast on hikes. When my body is working hard, I don’t feel hungry at all and when I try to fill my gob with protein and carbs it’s sort of a no-go. Instead, what I’ve desired, is a trail mix that’s tasty and packed with some fat to keep me feeling full, sugar to give me an instant boost, and a decent amount of protein to keep my energy going for a while. Ideally, it’s something I won’t feel forced to consume all at once, just a handful or two when I’m feeling I need it. To me, this is my ideal hike snack.

Enter: Jen’s Totally Bomb Trail Mix

Om Nom Nom

My trail mix consists of:
3/4 cup Trader Joe’s low fat granola
1 tbsp. dark chocolate chips
2 tbsp. raw almond slivers
2 tbsp. shredded coconut
1/3 cup mini marshmallows

The total WW points value for one whole bag is 13. That might seem like a lot, but for me, it’s pretty good. That’s the same points value as one of my bars and a baggie of almonds, and this will fuel me so much better. Not to mention on my last hike, I earned 31 activity points (though I didn’t eat them). One bag includes 11 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein. Pretty good.

I’m not a nutritionist, and there are certainly ways to make this mix more powerful (like adding dried fruit or flax seeds or a myriad of other things) but I’m still complementing this trail mix with real fruit. Plus I’m on a budget, so anything too pricy is out. I spent less than $10 on all the ingredients and made enough mix to last me through my August hikes (with enough left over for another month’s worth of mix!).

I’m excited to test drive my tasty mix on Thursday’s hike. Not sure where I’m going yet, but it will be long, intense, and awesome.

Yesterday’s planned run was a no-go. By 6pm it was still 90 degrees out, and I had plans for that night so there wasn’t time to wait for it to cool off much later. I didn’t want my first foray back into running to be in ungodly heat. I am, however, definitely hitting the track tonight, as it’s much more tolerable out. But first I’m taking Andrew out for sushi to celebrate his awesome NEW JOB!!!! This is very exciting and celebrations are about to commence. After the dinner though, I’ll be lacing up my running shoes (after um, dusting them off) and seeing what my body can do these days.

Oh, and when I walked the track Sunday night, Fiona tracked one lap as .34 miles. I thought that was way off and then was disheartened at the thought that she’d led me astray all this time and all of my recorded activity had been way off. Surely every track is .25 miles around? I went home and looked up the distance around the Buckman Field track, and sure enough, it is .34 miles around one loop (yay for accurate Fiona!). Which is actually kind of awesome. Just three laps and you’ve gone a mile (or literally, 1.02 miles), which seems way less daunting than the typical four laps. Tonight, I’ll be happy to run a full lap. I fear I’ve fallen that far. But we’ll see! I’ll report back.


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