2 Miles!!

Tonight, 12 DAYS EARLY, I met one of my August goals — to run 2 solid miles without stopping by month’s end!!


Obviously, I’m pleased as punch about this. Considering I hadn’t run in nearly two years, packed on weight, and within a few short weeks of casual runs just annihilated this goal from zero to two miles. Makes me optimistic that I’ll be back to my old 3.5 mile runs in no time, and running a steady amount of 5 and 10k’s again. It felt really good on that track when I hit those 2 solid miles. I didn’t expect to do it so soon! I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty baller. It was also really nice to have Andrew out on the track with me for celebratory high-fives. He joked that maybe I should make my August-end goal 3 miles instead. I laughed at how ambitious that is, but I wouldn’t put it past me to try it at least once before September,

So tonight I tried two new recipes for dinner. I recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and have since found a plethora of healthy meal ideas I can make for myself nearly any given night. Tonight was the first time I actually went ahead and made a full meal. On the menu was maple mustard chicken and oven-roasted cabbage wedges. All I can say is, “HOLY BABY BUDDHA, YUM YUM YUM!!!” Both recipes were a snap, requiring just a few short minutes of prep each and then some time in the oven and voila! I made enough of both for both Andrew and I and we pretty much devoured our plates. Here’s how it turned out:

Om nom nom…

Since (most) produce, condiments and seasonings have zero points value, I only had to count points for the chicken, maple syrup, and olive oil. Overall this was a very healthy, low points, and extremely filling meal. Not to mention super easy to cook! And a huge hit. This meal is definitely getting added to my dinner repertoire. I have a ton of other Pinterest-found recipes I’m excited to try, including a plethora of tasty looking low-points desserts.

Back to work tomorrow after a super glorious four day birthday weekend. Ah well. Still have my evenings free for the next two weeks. Still trying to pack in as much as humanly possible before schedule craziness ensues. Epic hike planned for Thursday 🙂

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2 Responses to 2 Miles!!

  1. Meagan says:

    Hitting that 2 miles was like the greatest feeling ever, like I had a small break dance session when I could do 2 without stopping.

  2. Shannon says:

    That’s so awesome, Jen! Well done! 🙂

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