Immediate bounce-back after one-night glitch.

Last night was a rather interesting learning experience. I discovered an unhealthy food trigger and do not foresee it being an issue in the future now that I know to not fall into that trap again. So last night I went over to a coworker’s house to watch the most recent episodes of Breaking Bad (so good, if you’re not on that bandwagon yet, get thee on it!) and a few other coworkers were there. At the risk of shocking folks, I’ll try to be vague here. Someone brought and then passed around an adult refreshment, of which I partook. Within 20 or so minutes, all the unhealthy goodies that were provided looked crazy delicious. I started out with a small handful of strawberry licorice, which turned into several. There was a bag of dill pickle potato chips that I also helped tear into. Overall I have no idea how many points I ended up consuming, but I tend to try to over-estimate the bad stuff, so I just decided that I had consumed all of my remaining splurge points for the week. That was the first time since joining WW that I had been careless, and I didn’t like it. The chips and licorice weren’t worth it (and I don’t even really like licorice! Talk about wasted points). So now I have to be very diligent for the rest of this week to keep within my daily points allowance. Lesson learned: stay away from the adult refreshments!

After last night’s snafu I decided it wouldn’t affect the rest of my week negatively. The old me could easily turn a bad night into a bad week. And then a bad week would result in not wanting to go to my meeting or weigh-in. And then I would spend the following week trying to catch up and punishing myself. It’s a pretty terrible cycle I’m all too eager to forever break free from. So today I stayed perfectly within my daily points allowance, and hit the track for a long walk to make sure I got all my miles/steps in. Golden. Already back on track. Crisis averted.

The track was incredibly busy today, mainly because a) I went at prime post-work time for most folks and b) soccer/football/misc. sports practice was heavily abound on the field itself. I learned that 6:30pm is a terrible time to head over there if I’m looking for a little more space/solitude. But I was already out there and dammit if I wasn’t going to get my steps in. Since the inner part of the track was full of high intense runner traffic, and I didn’t want to get run down or slow others down, I chose to stick to the outer, walker-friendly part of the track and just get a good walk in. There was a female runner though I had my eye on every time she passed. She was, to me, stunningly gorgeous. Just a sports bra and little running shorts, I had a good view of her epic tattoos: full arm sleeve and full leg tats. Very Portland-esque. But it was her stride which seemed so confident and strong, and her physique which was to be envied. A very muscular back and a stride that was strong and consistent the probably dozen or so times she whizzed past me. Everything about her screamed ‘athlete’ despite the very hipster appearance. It was very inspiring to see such a strong, beautiful woman excelling at something I want to excel in myself.

Tomorrow’s plans are a bit different for me but I’m pretty stoked. I have to be at work at 4am (ugh, I know, welcome to my life) but I’ll be getting out a bit earlier, at 9:15am. The non-crazy me would think that would be ideal for coming home and going back to bed, but this is my 30’s now, my ultra-fabulous decade of conquering mountains both literal and figurative. So I’ve chosen to head straight out to a hike. Yes, I’m going to look past the fact that I’ll have just spent the morning on my feet and choosing to then keep being on my feet more intensely. But this is how a healthy lifestyle happens: one better choice at a time. Plus I can totally veg out the rest of the afternoon/evening all I want because I don’t have any other commitments for the day. Holler! Also, my goal of 8 August hikes aren’t going to hike themselves, now are they? I already met my other goal of running 2 miles, I’ll be damned if I don’t make my hiking goal. 3 down, 5 to go. It’s crunch time.

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2 Responses to Immediate bounce-back after one-night glitch.

  1. Shannon says:

    Well done, Jen! It’s not the easy days that define who we are as athletes (yes ma’am, YOU are an athlete!), it’s how we pick ourselves up after a fall that defines us. Very inspiring! Enjoy your hike 🙂

    • actress1924 says:

      Thank you my dear! I don’t know if I yet identify with being an athlete, but I cherish the idea. I am, however, learning from past experience to shed black and white thinking and giving myself a lot more slack for being human. I’d rather not dwell on negatives and just get back on track immediately. So far I’m finding it’s the best way to move on and get over myself 🙂

      Love you. x

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