Solid week.

With tomorrow’s weigh-in, I find myself reviewing the week and I have to say I am not disappointed. I met a goal — to run 2 miles without stopping, and I went on two hikes this week, which is pretty rad.  Also, despite a mini “omg stuffing my face with licorice and chips” snafu Monday night, I’ve done well to stay within my points the rest of the week. Definitely a move towards a healthier mentality as well as I shed my ‘all or nothing’ former way of trying to lose weight.

So I did indeed go on a hike yesterday, and chose to hike the Oneonta Gorge trail in the Columbia River Gorge (we’ve got oodles of gorgeous gorges out here). This is a trail I’ve wanted to do for a long time and have been greatly looking forward to it. My trail book gives it four out of five stars for beauty, and photos that I’ve seen look incredible. Then I went and… was rather underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, the trail was perfectly lovely, had some quad-building inclines, some nice waterfalls and decent views, but the Oneonta Gorge itself just looked…. well… sad. It was a sad gorge. Perhaps because it was late summer, the point in the year where Oregon has gone the longest without rain, plus the nation as a whole is in a drought — but the lush, wet, flowing gorge photos I’ve seen do not compare to the sad, nearly dry, trickling gorge I witnessed first hand. I was expected to be tempted into the inviting cool waters of the gorge, but instead decided to keep moving on past the mainly dry rock bed with the stream flowing down it. Super sad. I told myself I’ll come back in late winter to see it when the water levels have replenished and risen.

Tonight is a date night for Andrew and I. We’re seeing the band Husky at the Crystal Ballroom. I’m taking advantage of Friday night date nights while I can before I’m back to working 6 nights a week come post-Labor Day.

Alright, see you at my weigh-in post tomorrow 🙂

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