Putting Week #6 to Bed.

So the good news is that as crappy, binge-y, and not nearly as active as this week has been, I’m more than ready to move forward. I’m already looking ahead and planning on killing it in week #7.

Baby toe blister is still kicking. While it isn’t looking or feeling any better, the upside is it doesn’t appear to be getting any worse. I bought Band-Aid brand Blister Healing band-aids last night, put one on when I got home and wore it all morning at work. My foot does feel better in a shoe with these band-aids on than a regular band-aid, but there was still some definite discomfort. When I got home and saw I had another 2.5 miles to meet my daily activity, I decided to suck it up, put on my sneakers, and hit the track. The pain of forcing my foot in the sneaker even with the blister-aid sucked, but it did subside significantly by the time I had walked out to the track. I decided to walk 3 miles, and listened to one of my favorite musical soundtracks (‘The Last 5 Years’) as I did my laps.  The female character, Cathy, is a dream role of mine, so it’s always inspiring to listen to it. Cathy is one of those ‘there’s no chance I could play that role now’ kind of roles, but odds increase the more ingenue-esque I become. This is true for literally all of my dream roles. Uber-fit Tattoo Goddess was also running around the track today, which made me happy.

I’m going to spend the rest of my night organizing my apartment until I feel sufficiently sleepy. 12 more hours until I face my weigh-in. It’s the first weigh-in that I’m not at all confident about, but I’m not scared either. I promised myself when I rejoined WW that I would participate in every weigh-in, no matter what. The old me used to only weigh-in during my ‘good’ weeks and the ‘bad’ weeks meant I most likely didn’t get on the scale or didn’t go at all, which doomed me to play catch-up for yet another week still. So I’m going to brave it, accept it, and move forward. Here goes.

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2 Responses to Putting Week #6 to Bed.

  1. thebettylife says:

    Best of luck with week 7. Looking forward to reading your progress! 😀
    Betty xxx

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