In my element.

When I mentioned the other day the furthest I feel from any destructive eating is when I’m hiking, that’s partly true. I forgot, and have no idea how this slipped from me (I blame feeling down), that the best state you will ever find me in is when I’m on stage. Performing, rehearsing, preparing for a role in my off time, any amount of time surrounding a production I’m involved in.  It’s like all of my creative energies take up so much space in my body there isn’t room for anything else. It’s the best feeling, and the most alive, I ever feel. There’s no feeling in the world like walking out on stage, breathing life into a character I’ve poured my heart and soul into, and creating an entire world within a play. Truly magical. Emotional eating doesn’t even exist in the events leading up to this.

That said, I’m feeling really good today. I’m performing in a staged reading tonight of this truly fantastic play comprised of four women. I’m also very lucky to have very good friends both in the cast and as the director. It’s been a great experience so far, culminating in tonight’s performance. I feel focused and ready to conquer the day. I fixed myself a good, healthy breakfast and am now going to head out and run some errands before coming back for last minute preparations for tonight.

These are the good days. The days I wish I could experience always. The days where only magic happens and destruction is a non-entity.

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