Week Eight, Not Great

I find myself at the end of another week I’m not entirely happy with. I feel you might be thinking, “What’s the problem? You’ve lost weight every single week.” But I know what I’m capable of, and I haven’t been at my best. This week just may have been my least satisfying. I didn’t go on a single hike, which makes me feel very off. I’m still trying to find the balance again between working 7 days a week at two jobs, and how I want to spend my precious little leisure time. Lately it’s been to sleep, which I honestly need during the week as much as possible considering if I don’t nap when I get home from job #1, then I’m running a full day on 3 hours of sleep, which trust me, is awful. I think I have it figured out though. I’m going to pencil in specific hikes into my planner for next week, just like I do my work hours. I’m going to hike on the two days I have my evenings free, and the one day I have my morning free. That way the other days I have both jobs, I can rest in between and not feel like I’m unable to do what I love. Also, the weather is supposed to still hold up and be gorgeous. No rainy season yet. A girl simply must take advantage of that. I feel that with a little advanced planning I should be able to hit some trails without a problem.

The other “ugh, boo week #8” feeling I have is how I caved in to emotional eating on more than one day. Which means I went way over my daily points allowance a few days and maxed out my splurge points before the week was even half over. An absolute goal for week #9 is to get back to keeping within my points budget. The weeks that I do that always yield the best results. Plus, emotionally, it makes me feel a lot better to keep my points intake in check.

Those are my two goals for the new week: Pencil in three hikes, and stick to my daily points allowance (with allowances to use my splurge points).

In regards to my recent post on emotional eating, I have decided to deal with some of the underlying causes of my recent binges in a professional setting. I know exactly the issue that triggers it, so what I need to work on is the issue itself. I’ve already taken the steps towards doing that. It feels good.

Last night’s staged reading was amazing.  We only had two rehearsals leading up to the actual reading, and it went so much more wonderfully than I could have possibly anticipated. We had quite a full house, and everyone was extremely responsive — hysterical at the comedic moments, silent, intense and focused in the dramatic moments. They were 100% with us throughout the entire script. It was fantastic. Not to mention, I received some really wonderful and touching compliments afterwards. It was truly a banner evening.

Today I treated myself to a dress I’ve been coveting for months now, from one of my favorite fashion websites, ModCloth. Looky looky!

My budget was a little tight over the summer months so I held out, but now that I have two paychecks coming in all the time now, I went for it. I usually wear an XL in dresses, so I purchased this in a L. It’s the first dress I’ve purchased since I started losing weight, and with nearly 20 lbs gone, I feel pretty good about sizing down. Look at how gorgeous it is! I can’t wait to wear it as soon as it fits. When it arrives, I’m going to keep it in full view in my closet as further motivation.

Alright. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I don’t feel good about it, but I’m not skipping it. Going to face that scale and then dive into a fresh and successful new week.

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