Week #10 Weigh-In

Down .6 lbs, y’all!

Shake that smaller booty!

I know .6 lbs isn’t much, but it’s a loss. Plus it’s my lady time, so I’ll gladly take anything that isn’t a gain. Also, may I add, the 10th week in a row I’ve lost weight. This is pretty much the best and most consistent go at weight loss I think I’ve ever had in my entire life. Plus I’m more encouraged by steady .6 – 2.4 lb. weekly weight losses than my previous tries of ‘lose a lot of weight one week, gain some another week, skip a meeting and gain a little more.’ So now I am down 22.2 lbs overall. In 10 weeks you guys. I feel super good. I’m almost at my 10%, a mere 1.8 lbs away! I’m gunning to achieve it by next Monday night’s meeting. I know I can do it. I so want to hit that milestone and get the cute little bronze 10% keyring 🙂

I have a lot more to share but should have been in bed many hours ago. I am happy to report that 52treks is finally updated and current. I’ve also decided that I am, without a doubt, going to meet my resolution and finish 52 hikes this year. To do that though, I have to draft out a schedule, figure out which hikes to take and when, and then put them in my planner just like I do my work schedule. I’m going to take all of my trail books with me to my favorite coffee shop tomorrow after work and figure it all out. I’ve also decided that once I have my final trekking schedule, I’m going to send it out to friends of mine that have hiked/wanted to hike with me and let them choose any hikes that interest them. I think having some friends along would be fantastic for the last leg of my year of hiking.

Also, big, big news. But I will announce it tomorrow. I promise you though, it’s very exciting, so stay tuned!

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One Response to Week #10 Weigh-In

  1. runninbear says:

    Congratulations on your consistent weight loss 🙂

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