After brief hibernation, a return.

You guys, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been over a month. And what a month it has been.

In truth, I’ve been dealing with a very painful break-up. Well, painful for me, it seems he’s doing just fine. But due to this, I’ve been away from blogging, and only half-heartedly putting the time and energy into myself. But the time for wallowing is over. I’m back and ready to thrive. There are some really great things happening in my life right now. And to get this blog back into a positive spin, here are some things I’m accomplishing:

1) Performing in a show that opens tomorrow. I’m very proud of this one, and very excited. It’s a beautiful show and I’ve been inspired nearly every rehearsal.
2) Nearing the end of my year of hiking. Not that I’m going to stop hiking (far from it!) but this year has been a true journey and growing experience with every trail I’ve trekked. I still have 19 more to go, but I’m confident that if I step it up these last 7 weeks, I will meet my goal.
3) Stepping up my weight loss from half-hearted trying to full-fledged committing. I focused on my ex and his own well-being for so long, I sort of lost myself somewhere in there. I think that’s why my last several weigh-ins I only managed to eke out losses that were fractions of a pound. But now I have no one to take care of but myself, and I’m going to take the best care of myself.
4) Looking forward to my next show, which will open in January. It seems I’ve really broken into the theatre scene here and there’s nothing stopping me šŸ™‚

In truth I have felt a little lost this past month. I missed my last two weigh-ins, which completely discombobulated me. I don’t know why I didn’t go, I had no good reasons besides feeling to low to face the scale, the group, and Sylvia. Meetings are always such a positive experience for me, and I couldn’t summon an ounce of pretend positivity to make it there. But baby, I’m back now. This Saturday will be my triumphant return to the scale, come whatever number that may. Regardless of the results, just going back will be my springboard back to wellness. I look forward to getting back to me.

You guys, it feels really good to be back. I’m not feeling 100% myself just yet, but I’m ready to get there. I’m ready to continue kicking ass and taking names. I’m ready to take care of myself and feel my best. I’m ready for all the learning and growth and discovery the journey of my being single and relying only on myself has to offer. This has potential to be an exciting time.

Here are some “me hiking” photos from some recent treks:

Larch Mountain Crater

Trillium Lake

South Fork Mountain

Back to regular updates now. Prize I have my eye on at the moment? Reaching my 10% at WW. It’s been so close within my grasp. With renewed focus, it’s sure to be mine soon enough.

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One Response to After brief hibernation, a return.

  1. Shannon says:

    Jen, you are amazing!! Welcome back and break a leg tomorrow! Love you!!

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