Slowly getting back to it

As it turns out, break-ups are hard. At least, this one in particular. It has taken me a while to get back to my groove.

I haven’t gone to a meeting in a while now. I want to say 4 weeks. It feels awful. I don’t feel like myself when I’ve gone so long without it. What’s worse is I’ve fallen so far off plan I’m scared to face the scale. But I’ll be damned if I turn 4 weeks into 4 months, and then forever. Since Saturday is my meeting day, I’ve decided to go to Sylvia’s evening meeting tomorrow, just to sit in on a meeting, which is something I really, really need. Then I’ll come back on Saturday and weigh-in. It’s a promise I’ve made to myself.

In the meantime, I have been out hiking, though not as much as I’d like to ensure making my hiking goal by Dec. 31st. For some reason I scheduled a lot of late fall hikes near Mt. Hood, of which those trails are either completely snow-covered or closed by now. I need to revamp my hiking schedule. In the meantime, here are some photos from my most recent hike just 3 days ago at Wauna Viewpoint. It was a 4 mile, 1,000 foot straight ascent to the summit to a beautiful 280 degree view:

Columbia River Gorge from the summit

Panoramic Shots

Self-timed photo from the summit 🙂

I’ve also been on a bit of an organizing and decorating kick lately. The days are shorter and rainier here in Portland now, so to help stave off some serious Seasonal Affective Disorder I’ve been keeping rather busy inside my apartment when I’m home. I used an idea I found off of Pinterest for a christmas light headboard. I really like how it turned out:

I also just ordered a kitchen table which will be arriving tomorrow. I’m genuinely excited about this. It means no more needing to eat my meals in the living room on my coffee table. I feel so civil and adult 🙂

I was just in a play that had it’s final performance last night. It was great fun. It was also the best thing for me to be a part of during dealing with my break-up. A great group of 5 other wonderful women I am so happy to now know. I just received my script for the next play I’m going to be in that goes up in January, so, on to the next wonderful creative endeavor 🙂

I am, absolutely, positively going to that WW meeting tomorrow. Time to begin the healing process for my physical self. The mental and emotional healing will just take more time.

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