I’m going to complete my 2012 New Year’s resolution!

I have much to expand on, but the short of it is, I really, really think I’m going to complete all 52 hikes for the year. Just this weekend alone I was able to bag 5 (that’s right, five) hikes! Four of which were serious lung and calf busters. So that brings me up to 40 hikes down (if you’ve been over to 52treks you’ll notice it hasn’t been updated yet, but it will be within the next day or so!). Which means I have 35 days to complete 13 hikes. It’s ambitious, but possible. And with how determined I am, completely do-able!

So you’ll notice there is no happy dance. After weighing in for the first time in nearly 5 weeks, I have gained 2.8 lbs. However, I will take it with mild relief and move on. Considering I weighed in just after Thanksgiving and spent the previous month trying not to feed my break-up feelings with cheetos and chocolate all the way back to my starting weight, I think a 2.8 lb gain is completely manageable. Not to mention, I’ve done five killer hikes since my weigh-in. Those 2.8 lbs are dust by now.

More in-depth posts to come. Just wanted to keep y’all in the loop!

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One Response to I’m going to complete my 2012 New Year’s resolution!

  1. Shannon says:

    Well done on the hikes! How exciting!!

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